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A Whole New World.  (Picture Aladdin and the flying carpet.  Have we successfully planted the earworm yet?)  Having experienced the worst health pandemic in a century, organizations have come around to learning that everything we’ve been saying about collaboration all along was true.  You can be more productive working remotely, you can set-up offices to support Hybrid Working, and you can experience remote meetings that are better than being there.  It’s sad that it took a deadly pandemic to get there, but now that we’ve arrived the genie is never going back into the lamp.


The IMCCA will hold a Collaboration Week: A Whole New World webcast – in lieu of the originally planned UC Week New York – which will include three discussions by industry experts offering insights into what this new world will be like.  Part one will be how we got here and what the data shows that organizations are doing.  Part two will be all about the “new office” – a space where group work and collaboration is the predominant activity, and the majority of desks, offices and workstations are for people who have dropped-by to participate in that group work.  Part three will be a detailed analysis of the new home office for the full time or part time remote worker – Hybrid Working.  What will go into the technology and set-up to make that experience successful.

To register, click the registration tab above, or click here.

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