Multiple Unique Events Across 7+ Different Venues! 

Program as of February15th, 2020:

Sunday February 23rd

A Special #AVInTheAM Live Video Presentation!



Join AVInTheAM's Chris Neto, AVNationTVs Tim Albright, The IMCCA's David Danto and a bunch of special guests!

It's a special morning of Collaboration discussions in conjunction with the weekly AV In The AM Twitter chat.

Hosted by Verrex

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Monday February 24th

Collaboration Week NY Kickoff – Collaboration 2020 - The State of the Industry, The State of Interoperability

Host / Venue – BlackRock

On-site breakfast sponsored by Vyopta:  8:00am


Collaboration Week NY Session 1 - The State of The Industry –  (maximum 75)



  • UC 2020 - The State of the Industry – Presented by The IMCCA's David Danto – 9-9:45am

    • Team chat, cloud collaboration, mobility, AI, and other factors have turned the UC&C space on its ears.  Our opening session will cover a brief history of how we got to today, and vet the pros and cons of the various options and offerings in today's collaboration market.

  • What Are The User's Saying --  Moderated by Starin Marketing's Chris Neto - 9:45-10:30am

    • An analyst's opinion is all well and good, but what are the end-user organizations saying and dealing with on a day-to-day basis?  What aren't the manufacturers and service providers hearing and or acting upon?  Our opening session panel discussion will define the top of mind issues for the user community and the rest of this conference.

    • Panelists:

  • Break - 10:30am

  • The Importance of Collaboration Metrics in the Enterprise - Presented by Marc Haimsohn –10:45 – 11:30am

    • How important is it to an enterprise manager to have a clear read of what is being used, what is not, and the resulting analyses?  Metrics go a whole lot further today then they ever have before.  Our host site and many other firms make use of them as part of their collaboration management strategy.  This session will explain how organizations are making the most of the newest insights to optimize their user experiences.

  • Attendee Giveaway – One morning sessions attendee will win an Echo Show 8 courtesy of Compunetix @ 11:30


Collaboration Week NY Session 2 – Modernizing Endpoints - (maximum 65)

​ Host / Venue – Poly New York



  • Not your father’s endpoints – Presented by Poly’s Sam Kennedy – 2:00pm - 2:45pm

    • Collaboration endpoints used to be complex, expensive boxes – mostly full of air, and telephone ‘boat-anchors’ – both of which were complex to install and probably locked you in to a specific service.  As we pass 2020 this has all changed, as the new generation of endpoints are inexpensive, reliable, flexible and will allow you to use the services of your choice – a choice which you can continue to have available even after purchase.  No more forklift changes needed.

  • The new fluidity of service providers – Moderator TBA  – 2:45pm - 3:30pm

  • Poly Tours of the EEC – Presented by TBD –3:45pm – 4:30pm

    • The team at Poly will give tours of the Executive Experience Center to any attendees that would like to see it. 

  • Attendee Giveaway – Two afternoon session attendees will win a Poly Voyager 8200 UC headset courtesy of Shen, Milsom & Wilke and Poly @ 4:30pm




Private Dinner Sessions

A number of Collaboration Week NY sponsor firms will be hosting optional dinners for their clients, to discuss issues of specific concern and brief users about future plans.

Tuesday February 25th

Collaboration Week NY Day Two – Collaboration Mindshare, Ask The Experts

Collaboration Week NY Session 3 - Where Are The Battle Lines Today - (maximum 160)

Host / Google


On-site breakfast sponsored by Google: 8:30am


  • Where Are The Battle Lines Today – Presented by Dr. S. Ann Earon – 9:00am - 9:45pm

    • Who would have thought, more than twenty years past the launch of Unified Communications, our industry would still be just about as un-unified as possible.  There are manufacturers / providers who believe believe all systems must meet their specific specifications to interoperate.  There are those that believe producing natively interoperable solutions is a better direction.  There are those who believe that the future of collaboration is a form-fitting PC or Mac with peripherals, and there are those who believe appliances are safer and easier to scale and support.  This session will explore in detail the pros and cons of the various entrenched camps in our industry.

  • The Users Speak – Why are you in your collaboration camp? – Moderator Dr. S. Ann Earon – 9:45am - 10:30am

  • Break

  • The host view of collaboration with G Suite – Presented by Google's Sandy Jones ( 10:45am – 11:15am

    • This session will look at how our host for the morning views the collaboration space and what initiatives they’re bringing to market.

  • Attendee Giveaway – One morning session attendee will win Google Nest Hub courtesy of AVI-SPL @ 11:30am


Collaboration Week NY Session 4 - The Experts Speak - (maximum 70)

​ Host / Venue – Gateway - a subsidiary of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce



  • Collaboration Trends Explained – Presented by Nemertes Research's Irwin Lazar – 2:00pm - 2:45pm

    • 2020 is poised to be a year of dramatic change for unified communications and collaboration.  Video is becoming pervasive, the shift to the cloud is accelerating, and AI is creating opportunities to drastically transform work and the workplace.  In this session, based on Nemertes' extensive benchmarking of hundreds of end-user organizations, we'll share the key trends that are shaping enterprise collaboration now and into the future, and how organizations should approach emerging technologies to determine their value.

  • Thriving on the Bleeding edge of Multimedia Technology – Presented by Greg Harper  – 2:45pm - 3:30pm

  • Break

  • The Gateway Facility - 3:45pm - 4:30pm

    • Barco presents the Technology in the Gateway Facility

      • Moderator: Greg Harper

  • Attendee Giveaway – One afternoon sessions attendee will win a Clickshare system courtesy of Barco @ 4:30pm



Collaboration Week NY– Gala Dinner / Awards / Discussion (maximum 100)

A spectacular dinner at Arno Ristorante to network with peers in your industry.



  • Welcoming remarks by Carol Zelkin, IMCCA Executive Director

  • Emerging Technology Fellow Awards - Lifetime Achievement Awards

    • Honoring Crestron's Randy Klein and Zoom's Eric Yuan

  • State of the Industry Panel Discussion - Moderated by Dr. S. Ann Earon

    • Panelists Include Speakers From:

      •  Crestron, Intel, Pexip, Shure, Vyopta, Yorktel, Zoom

Wednesday February 26th

Collaboration Week NY Day Three – A Day At The New Office

Host / Venue – Planar New York


On-site breakfast sponsored by Planar: 8:30am


Collaboration Week NY Session 6 - The New Workspace and The New Worker - (maximum 70)


  • The Workspace Of The Future - Just What Is An Office? - Presented by Mark Peterson of Shen, Milsom & Wilke – 9:00am - 9:45am

    • Picture a 1970's office.  It has walls, doors, desk phones, a lunchroom and a few meeting rooms.  Now picture a 2020 office.  It may be the 'dreaded' open office, it may be an airport terminal, a home basement, a shared working space, or honestly anything else.  UC&C 2020 means that technology works to connect colleagues regardless of where they are.  What does this reality do to space design, 'home office' design and our ability to concentrate on work?

  • How Generation Z Uses Technology in the Workplace.  Presented by Mark Beal of Rutgers University  – 9:45am - 10:30am

    • Join us as Mark Beal, Partner at Taylor PR and a Rutgers Professor, shares his research about how Generation Z works and uses technology.  Hear from a panel of Millennials and Generation Z workers, born and raised using technology, and learn how they collaborate in the workplace.

    • Panelists:

      • Adam Gray, Account Coordinator, Virtual Force

      • Sydney Groves, Account Coordinator, Taylor

      • Sally Meli, Marketing Advisor, Compass

  • Break

  • Keeping employees informed throughout the workplace – Presented Lainie Mataras of Planar  ( 10:45am – 11:15am)

    • This session will look at how digital signage overlaps with and compliments enterprise collaboration.

  • Attendee Giveaway – One morning session attendee will win an AV Series 12-Port/8 PoE+ Gigabit Managed Switch @ 11:30am courtesy of Legrand



Collaboration Week NY Session 7 – Teams, Teams, Teams – the new Workflows (maximum 70)

Host / Venue – Planar New York



  • The New Workflows – Presented by Michael Goldman of CDA – 2:00pm - 2:45pm

    • The industry’s big players are fighting it out over the new Workflow approach to working.  Microsoft, Slack, Cisco and others brag about DAU (Daily Active Users) and debate what active really means,  TBD will break down the similarities and differences between the various services, explain the pros and cons, and detail how organizations can successfully adopt new workflows.

  • Teams – successes and failures – Moderator Michael Goldman  – 2:45pm - 3:30pm

    • Enterprise end users will tell us their stories of deploying team chat platforms and workflows.  What was easy; what was difficult; what was unexpected; how has it gone

    • Panelists:

      •   Marc Cooper - Citi

      •   Tom Stoner - Bessemer

      •   Jason Moss - QSC

  • Break

  • Collaboration Week Locknote 3:45pm - 4:15pm

    • A review of what we heard and what we learned at Collaboration Week New York 2020

    • Moderator: David Danto

    • Panelists:

      • Dr. S.Ann Earon

      • Michael Goldman

      • Sean Lessman

      • Jerry Berger

  • Attendee Giveaway – One afternoon session attendee will win an Apple Homepod and 6 free months of Synergy Sky service @ 4:20pm Courtesy of Synergy Sky


Collaboration Week NY Session 8 – Closing Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by Mersive


The IMCCA and Mersive invite you to the Collaboration Week New York 2020 Closing Reception. Enjoy drinks and networking with your industry peers to discuss what was covered during the sessions and what is ahead in the collaboration industry. Beverages and light refreshments are courtesy of the team at Mersive.